GettingĀ Physical

A physical security assessment is an assessment of the security controls and user awareness within your physical environment. Often times, attackers target organizations through a remote platform, such as pre-text calling, phishing attacks, or even technical security flaws. However, an attacker on-site can pose a significant threat since this is, in many cases, unexpected.

Our consultants can help your organization improve its physical security environment by reviewing your physical security controls and comparing them to security best practices.

Our Activities

Our consultants perform a variety of tasks while on-site to execute a quality and comprehensive physical security assessment. Some of the activities performed during our physical security assessment include:

  • Disguising as employee

  • Connecting remote access device into network environment

  • Bypassing access-controlled doors and physical barriers

  • Fake badge/ID cloning and on-the-fly visitor/guest pass creation

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A physical penetration test can allow your organization to understand flaws within the physical environment that may allow for unauthorized access. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from a physical security assessment.

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