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The Art of Human

Your users are one of the most valuable and vulnerable targets within your organization when it comes to an attacker trying to gain an initial foothold within your environment. For a number of years, attackers leveraged social engineering attacks against organizations either due to the lack of user awareness training or the lack of effectiveness that your awareness training has.

Organizations have spent a significant amount of money over the course of their business, strictly dedicated to protecting their valuable assets. However, if the users are not educated, they can pose a significant threat to your organization.

We help ensure that your organization’s user awareness training is effective by testing your employees’ susceptibility to social engineering attacks. We simulate what a real attacker would do by crafting tailored attacks against your organization’s employees, specifically. In our deliverables, we include a detailed log of information that occurred to ensure that you can pinpoint specifically where the issues lie within your user awareness training program.


To ensure our social engineering attacks are more successful, our consultants spend a considerable amount of time performing research on your organization, its employees, as well as their job description and responsibilities. By gathering specific information about your organization, we’re able to perform tailored social engineering attacks, which allows us a higher chance of gaining the trust of your employees.

If we’re able to win the trust of your employees, we’ll attempt to gain valuable information about their system and your internal environment through either remote access or trying to enumerate such information from the targeted individuals.

Some of our social engineering activities include:

  • USB Drop Attacks
  • Pre-Text Calling
  • On-Site Social Engineering
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Employee Conversation Logging
  • Tailored Research and Attacks

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Despite having sufficient technology implemented, your users could pose a significant threat to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems and data. Learn more about how our social engineering services can assist your organization with improving user awareness.


Let us determine the effectiveness of your user awareness training.