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Our Application Security Assessments can help your organization improve the overall security of both web and mobile applications. Applications have many moving parts and require an experienced application security expert to perform a professional analysis to identify potential security threats.

Our team of application security experts will perform a thorough review of your applications to identify areas of improvement and provide strategic guidance on implementing security best practices within your application. We assure you that your development and security teams will have the necessary assistance with improving your overall security posture.


Our team of application security experts will perform a variety of tasks, both automated and manual, to provide a comprehensive and quality assessment for your organization. If any security vulnerabilities are exploitable, our team will alert key personnel and cautiously execute safe exploits to gain access to data that may be deemed valuable by an attacker.

Some of our activities performed during an applications security assessment include:

  • OWASP Top 10 Checklist
  • Exploitation of security vulnerabilities
  • Enumeration of sensitive information

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An application security assessment can allow your organization to identify and remediate security flaws within your web and mobile applications. Learn more about how this assessment can be valuable for your organization.


Let us help you improve the security posture of your applications.

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