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Your Employees

Over the recent years, social engineering attacks have proven to result in some of the largest data breaches in history. With the increase of these attacks, the need for education and awareness becomes more critical for organizations.

Our user awareness training program helps educate your employees by providing fun and interactive games that can be tailored specifically to your organization and industry. By increasing the engagement and interest of our training content on a regular basis, we are able to keep employees interested and excited to learn more about preventing social engineering attacks, thereby reducing your organization’s overall risk to security threats.


Our user awareness program is tailored specifically to the average employee who simply want to get through the course so they can get back to work. Our program engages your employee by providing tailored scenarios based on your organization and industry. We can detect if they’re just simply selecting random answers until they pass, and also determine when they’re legitimately trying to learn.

  • Real Life Scenarios
  • Custom/Random Scenarios
  • Interactive Courses
  • Employee Appreciation System
  • Expert-Driven Courses
  • User Metrics Tracking

We can work with your employees to ensure they’re always aware of social engineering attacks.