Penetration Test in a Box (PTiaB)

Automated and full-scale penetration test platform that makes network penetration testing more scalable, accurate, faster, consistent, and not prone to human error.


REAL-TIME AUTOMATED Penetration Test in a Box

vPenTest essentially combines the knowledge, methodologies, techniques, and commonly used tools of multiple consultants into a single platform that consistently exceeds expectations of a penetration test. By developing our proprietary framework that continuously grows based on our research & development, we’re able to modernize the way penetration tests are conducted.

This penetration test is driven by our framework and assisted by an experienced consultant that is maximizing their time and effort on activities that provide the most value to our customers.

vPenTest Solves Today's CHALLENGES

Traditionally, companies face some of the following challenges when looking for a qualified vendor:

  1. Seeking a vendor that is available to perform the penetration test,
  2. Interviewing the consultants to ensure their experience is advanced,
  3. Hoping communication is consistent and frequent to ensure knowledge transfer between consultants and the primary point of contact,
  4. Ensuring the vendor doesn’t sell a vulnerability assessment as a penetration test, and
  5. Quality deliverables that effectively communicate what vulnerabilities were identified, what risk it presents to the organization, as well as how to remediate those vulnerabilities from a technical and strategic standpoint. The list goes on! 
We’ve spent quite a while developing vPenTest to solve all of these challenges, and it only gets better!


Gone are the days where your staff is wondering what the current status is. Through our real-time status reports, your staff will know exactly what the progress is of the engagement, when it’s expected to be completed, as well as any preliminary findings that we’ve identified. You can view the current status of the entire project, or just the individual project phases.

Your staff will always know when and what activities are taking place.


To maximize the value of our penetration tests, our vPenTest includes an activity logger that monitors our activities and displays them in a detailed manner so that your network staff can correlate our activities with what they’re seeing in their logging and monitoring solutions. Every engagement is essentially a purple team assessment.

Backed by Experience

vPenTest is backed by consultants with over 10 years experience, holding certifications ranging from CISSP, eCPPT, OSCP, OSCE, CEH, and more. Having conducted hundreds of security assessments for hundreds of clients within various industries, we’ve taken the most valuable strengths and combined them into a platform that allows our customers to have high quality assessments performed at their own convenience.

Want to Know More?

Finally a solution that removes the challenge for organizations when it comes to looking for a qualified assessor. Learn more about why our penetration test in a box solution provides more value than traditional penetration test engagements.


The most valuable network penetration test, ready at your convenience.

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