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Attackers are highly skilled in identifying their targets and devising strategies to launch their attacks. Their attack methodologies may involve exploiting security weaknesses in your external or wireless environments or using social engineering techniques. Therefore, it is crucial for your organization's infrastructure to exhibit the characteristics of a mature security program to protect your critical systems and data from these threats.

To ensure your organization’s data and critical systems are protected from these attackers, your infrastructure must contain the characteristics of a mature security program.

Through our red team operations, we can approach your organization from a number of ways. These assessments are goal-driven, in that we’re able to set objectives and complete them. If your organization isn’t able to detect us, then we can review your security program together to determine where the gaps are, and help you fix them.

Unlike a traditional penetration test or vulnerability assessment that assess your organization’s technical security weaknesses, we perform more targeted, precise attacks against your technical and user environment.


During our red team services, we perform a significant amount of research, information gathering, and reconnaissance about your organization to ensure that we can establish multiple attacking points. We explore avenues through targeted and manual exploitation techniques, whether it’s through a technical vulnerability or through the use of social engineering methods. Our goal is to remain as stealthy as possible and attempt to accomplish our goal, which is the sensitive data that attackers want.

Some of the activities performed during our red team operations include:

  • External Network Testing
  • Wireless Network Attacks
  • Physical Security Attacks
  • Social Engineering
  • Targeted Exploitation
  • Custom Malware

Interested in Our Red Team Services?

Challenge your organization’s security controls and procedures by understanding how access to sensitive data may be accomplished by an attacker. Learn more about how a red team engagement can significantly benefit your organization.

Our red team services provide a comprehensive approach to assessing your organization's security posture. We conduct goal-driven assessments by setting objectives and achieving them. If we go undetected, we can work together to identify gaps in your security program and help you address them.

Unlike traditional vulnerability assessments and penetration tests that focus solely on technical weaknesses, our red team operations target both your technical and user environment with precise and targeted attacks.


Red Team FAQs

What is a red team?

Red team services are simulated attack assessments performed by security professionals to test and evaluate the effectiveness of an organization's security measures and controls. The goal is to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system and provide recommendations for improvement.

What is the difference between a red team vs blue team vs purple team?

A red team typically simulates an adversary attempting to gain access to sensitive data or systems by exploiting technology or human weaknesses.

A blue team is usually the team that protects the organization from attacks. Part of their objective is to respond to attacks and remediate security threats.

A purple team is a combination of the red and blue teams collaborating to improve the overall security of the organization. For example, a red team may perform a variety of attacks and inform the blue team of their actions. The blue team would take this information and determine if they could identify such attacks. This allows the blue team to improve their detection and response procedures to remediate threats more effectively.
Let us go after your confidential data and help you improve your organization’s overall security posture.

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