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Assuring Your Architecture’s SECURITY

One of the essential components to ensuring your architecture’s security is by regularly performing reviews and identifying any security gaps. After all, your sensitive data, systems, and end-users all depend on the strong architecture to function on a day-to-day basis.

As attackers continuously attempt to discover weaknesses within your architecture so that they can initiate an attack, the need to assess your architecture on a frequent basis is strong.

Vonahi Security can assist your organization with identifying architectural flaws within your environment through several processes. After our assessment, we provide strategic recommendations and guidance to helping your network staff implement the necessary changes to improve the overall security posture of the architecture.


Our Architecture Review comprises our consultants reviewing your entire architecture for security flaws. Some of our activities will include network, server, and/or workstation configuration checks against security best practices, reviewing your network diagram for potential attack paths, as well as identify potential vulnerabilities on your critical systems.

Some of the tasks involved with our architecture review services include:

  • Server Configuration Review
  • Network Device Configuration Review
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Best Practice Checks
  • Automated and Manual Review
  • Network Diagram Review

Want to Learn More?

Modern attacks are targeting areas and escalating within networks through a variety of new techniques. Ensuring your architecture is able to catch these new attacks could be a significant challenge. Learn more about how our architecture reviews can ensure your organization is ready for a modern-day attack.


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Let us assess your architecture for potential weak areas that may interest attackers.