User Awareness Training

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Educating Your Employees

During this day and age, social engineering attacks are extremely popular and valuable and they contribute to some of the most significant attacks and compromises against the largest organizations in the world. Educating your employees to avoid potential social engineering attacks can be an extremely time intensive task.

Additionally, many employees just think they’ll never get targeted and don’t may attention during these awareness training courses. As a result of this, they subconsciously interact with malicious links, attachments, and even malicious attackers over the phone, exposing the organization’s most valuable assets.

Our user awareness training program helps educate your employees through an employee appreciation system. As opposed to presenting your employees the traditional material which tests their knowledge through multiple choice answers, our approach is different. We believe that the non-traditional ways of educating users is more eye-catching and easily memorable, ultimately increasing the overall security of your environment.

Our Approach

Our user awareness program is tailored specifically to the average employee who simply want to get through the course so they can get back to work. Our program interacts with your employee by providing real life and custom scenarios while rating their response. We can detect if they’re just simply selecting random answers until they pass, and also determine when they’re legitimately trying to learn. Our consultants also work with your organization to implement an employee appreciation system that makes users excited to learn about protecting their organization’s assets.

  • Real Life Scenarios

  • Custom/Random Scenarios

  • Interactive Courses

  • Employee Appreciation System

  • Expert-Driven Courses

  • User Metrics Tracking

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We can work with your employees to ensure they’re always aware of social engineering attacks.