Our mission is to help businesses get the BEST network penetration test without breaking the bank.

Penetration testing is one of the best ways to test your cyber defenses. The traditional security assessment industry is serviced by outsourced consultants providing manual testing that makes pentesting expensive and primarily a once a year test that leaves major gaps in security.

Through automation, our vPenTest platform delivers on-demand pentesting at a fraction of the cost of an outsourced consultant. We eliminate inefficiencies, increase the scope, free up budget for other cybersecurity initiatives, and ultimately make organizations more secure.

Meet Our Team

We make network penetration testing easy, efficient, scalable, and affordable with automation.

Our Code-Blooded Hacking Team

They love to hack and code. Most of all, they love automating any exploits they have to repeat more than twice.
Alton Johnson
Alton JohnsonFounder, GM & Principal Security Consultant
Robert Zomerhuis-Gumbaragis
Robert Zomerhuis-GumbaragisDirector of Security Research and Pentest Automation
Austin Wile
Austin WileSenior Penetration Tester
Arjun Sihag
Arjun SihagSecurity Consultant
Omer Shaik
Omer ShaikPenetration Tester
Kashyap Sodha
Kashyap SodhaSenior Software Engineer
Dmytro Khanitskyi
Dmytro KhanitskyiSenior Software Engineer
Liam Day
Liam DaySoftware Engineer

Our Customer-Centric Product and Development Team

They focus on making vPenTest simple, fast, and easy to use. Their main objective is to make sure our customers and partners fall in love with automated pentesting.
Trammie Anderson
Trammie AndersonVP of Product
Ky Tran
Ky TranVP of Operations
Barkha Jairwala
Barkha JairwalaPrincipal Developer
Conor Dorrian
Conor DorrianSenior DevSecOps Engineer
Andhi Jeannot
Andhi JeannotDevOps Engineer
Pratik Son
Pratik SonDeveloper
Chirag Pawar
Chirag PawarDeveloper
Renz Rosales
Renz RosalesTechnical Support Engineer

Our Customer Success & Operations Team

They build relationships to keep our customers happy and make sure everything runs smoothly.
Jason Wells
Jason WellsVP of Sales
Trang Crowley
Trang CrowleyChief Financial Officer
Mary Peale
Mary PealeHead of Project Management
Cameron Smith
Cameron SmithHead of Marketing
Ali Haider
Ali HaiderDirector of Business Development
Joshua Wong
Joshua WongSenior Solution Specialist
Ulas Alimbek
Ulas AlimbekSolution Specialist
John Cumahig
John CumahigBusiness Operations Specialists

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Meet vPenTest – the leading automated network penetration testing SaaS platform that streamlines the delivery of network pentesting, making it super easy for MSPs to offer SMB clients the ultimate protection. And for internal IT teams, it’s a cost effective and efficient way of evaluating cybersecurity risks in real-time. Say goodbye to manual network pentesting – the future is automated!
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