Our Vision

Vonahi Security’s vision is to become the most impactful cyber security partner around the globe. We ensure our customers receive the most valuable and comprehensive security solutions available. Our consultants have performed many security assessments for organizations ranging from small to multi-billion dollar organizations and spanning multiple industries.

We understand customers’ needs and the demand for securing their network, especially in the modern day where numerous security vulnerabilities are discovered on a daily basis. That’s why, at Vonahi Security, we ensure that all of your security concerns are addressed by providing the best quality work in the industry.

What Makes Us Different?

Rather than just providing a report and walking away, our consultants ensure that your network team is well-informed of each security issue identified. In fact, we’ll even remind you of your high severity issues if you prefer a follow-up.

From small companies to fortune 5 organizations, our consultants have performed a number of security assessments, targeting networks with top-notch technologies and controls implemented. Our custom tools and methodologies are designed to execute consistent, comprehensive, and accurate results, no matter the size.

Our services include components that allow us to tailor our assessments and deliverables specifically for your organization. Our goal is to ensure our customers have access to the tools, data, deliverables, and resources that fit their exact needs.

We understand that communication between our customers and consultants is an important key to assuring quality service. While performing our assessments, we maintain daily communication and status reports to ensure you’re always in the loop of what’s going on with your data.
Managing security threats within your organization is a critical task in itself. That’s why our top-quality deliverables are designed to ensure your security concerns are front and centered, followed by a remediation plan to help you prioritize the most important issues within your organization.

We are committed to being involved in accomplishing your security goals through every step of the way. After identifying security issues within your organization, we provide validation tests to ensure your changes and threat remediations are sufficient and adhere to industry best practices.

Is Your Organization Prepared For An Attack?

Attackers don’t sleep. If your organization was targeted tomorrow, would you be prepared?

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