We make it easy for MSPs to deliver network pentesting to their SMB customers.

With vPenTest, you can help your customers prioritize what needs to be fixed to prevent a costly security breach without having to be a hacker or hire one.
vPenTest Automated Penetration Testing Platform

Becoming a Partner

As a partner, we are committed to helping you provide your customers with the highest quality penetration testing services available on the market. Together, we will continue to collaborate on ways to make network penetration testing services more efficient, continuous, and affordable for all.


  • 61% of small and medium businesses are now being hit by cyber attacks every year, and the average cost of a cyberattack has increased to $2.2 million, making it extremely difficult for businesses to recover.
  • SMBs with fewer than 100 staff members account for 98% of all U.S. companies — that’s 5.7 million businesses according to the U.S. Small Business Association. 90% of those businesses have fewer than 20 employees and simply can’t afford to spend $2-5k for an annual penetration test.


  • By partnering with Vonahi Security, your MSP can now offer automated network penetration testing to your customers at a price point they can afford, enabling you to upsell other services or simply provide more value for your customers over your competitors.
  • vPenTest can help your MSP win new business from a market of over 5.7 million businesses who currently aren’t doing any pentesting today due to the high cost.



Your customers can have the same quality assessments performed as the large enterprises at a fraction of the cost.


1. Choose a subscription package

Purchase an annual subscription based on a block of IPs each month for your business or per client. Run an internal or external pentest for your customers each month for less than the price of one manual pentest.

2. Integrate your brand

Customize the vPenTest portal and deliverable reports with your MSP’s brand. 

3. Deploy. Click and Go!

Once you’re set up, all you’ll need to do is create a schedule and relax. We’ll take care of the rest.


Fast Reporting

Quality Deliverables Available Within 48 Hours After an Assessment

vPenTest accomplishes reporting within hours but goes through a 48 hour QA process with our security consultants. This is how we ensure twice as much valuable information than traditional penetration test results in our deliverable reports. Customize the report with your MSP's branding or click a checkbox to use Vonahi's branding.


Delivering Exceptional Results to our Partners Earned Us Some Badges

Our badges from Channel Program and G2 reflect the trust and satisfaction of users who have experienced the power of vPenTest firsthand. With over 100 five-star product reviews, our comprehensive network penetration testing solution is guaranteed to complete your cybersecurity tech stack.

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Meet vPenTest – the leading automated network penetration testing SaaS platform that streamlines the delivery of network pentesting, making it super easy for MSPs to offer SMB clients the ultimate protection. And for internal IT teams, it’s a cost effective and efficient way of evaluating cybersecurity risks in real-time. Say goodbye to manual network pentesting – the future is automated!
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