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Automated and full-scale penetration testing platform that makes network penetration testing more affordable, accurate, faster, consistent, and not prone to human error.

vPenTest essentially combines the knowledge, methodologies, techniques, and commonly used tools of multiple consultants into a single platform that consistently exceeds expectations of a penetration test. By developing our proprietary framework that continuously grows based on our research & development, we’re able to modernize the way penetration tests are conducted.

vPenTest Solves Today's CHALLENGES

Traditionally, companies face some of the following challenges when looking for a qualified vendor:

  1. Seeking a vendor that is available to perform the penetration test.
  2. Interviewing the consultants to ensure their experience is advanced.
  3. Hoping communication is consistent and frequent to ensure knowledge transfers between consultants and the primary point of contact.
  4. Ensuring the vendor doesn’t sell a vulnerability assessment as a penetration test.
  5. Quality deliverables that effectively communicate what vulnerabilities were identified, what risk it presents to the organization, as well as how to remediate those vulnerabilities from a technical and strategic standpoint. The list goes on! 
We’ve spent the last five years developing vPenTest to solve all of these challenges, and it only gets better!


Conduct on-going security assessments to understand your risks to cyber attacks in near real-time.
Traditional assessments only allow organizations to demonstrate a point-in-time snapshot of the environment. With vPenTest, your business can continuously perform a full-scale network penetration tests and vulnerability assessments with a few clicks. Additionally, while minimizing risk through the implementation of compensating controls (e.g., firewall restrictions, configuration changes, etc.), vPenTest can also measure the effectiveness of compensating controls through its exploitation techniques.
Vonahi Continuous Risk Management
Vonahi Security Compliance Readiness


Meet compliance requirements with more scheduling flexibility and real-time alerts.
Many organizations perform penetration testing on an annual basis to ensure their environment meets compliance requirements. vPenTest can perform the same network penetration test engagements as traditional assessments; however, it provides more flexibility in schedule, alerting, real-time activity tracking, as well as segmentation testing to confirm isolation of sensitive networks. In addition to ensuring compliance readiness, vPenTest also tests for security deficiencies that deviate from security best practices.


Through our real-time status reports, your IT team will know exactly what the progress is of the engagement, when it’s expected to be completed, as well as any preliminary findings that we’ve identified. You can view the current status of the entire project, or just the individual project phases.

Your team will always know when and what activities are taking place.


To maximize the value of our penetration tests, vPenTest includes an activity log that monitors all activities performed during the penetration test. Network teams can correlate our activities with their SIEM and incident response procedures. Every engagement is essentially a purple team assessment.


vPenTest can perform pre- and post-breach simulations at any time within both the internal and external network environments.
Pre and Post Breach Simulations
Open Source Intelligence Gathering - Using information from the public Internet to contribute to a successful attack against the environment, including employee names, email addresses, etc.

Host Discovery - Performing discovery of systems and services within the environment targeted, and including active systems and port scanning.

Enumeration - Enumeration of services and systems to identify potentially valuable information, including vulnerability analysis..
Exploitation - Using information gathered from OSINT, host discovery, and enumeration, vPenTest also launches attacks against vulnerable services, including password-based attacks, man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, relay attacks, and more.

Post-Exploitation - After gaining an initial foothold on a system, vPenTest automatically attempts to launch privilege escalation attacks. New attack avenues will also be analyzed to determine if more access into the environment or sensitive data could be established.

Backed by Experience

vPenTest is backed by consultants with over 10 years experience, holding certifications ranging from CISSP, eCPPT, OSCP, OSCE, CEH, and more. Having conducted hundreds of security assessments for hundreds of clients within various industries, we’ve taken the most valuable strengths and combined them into a platform that allows our customers to have high quality assessments performed at their own convenience.

Want to Know More?

Finally, an affordable solution that removes the challenges for businesses when it comes to looking for a quality network penetration test. Learn more about why vPenTest provides more value than traditional penetration test engagements. 

vPentest Security Datasheet

Network Pentesting FAQs

What is network penetration testing?

Network penetration testing is a security test where experts try to hack into an organization's computer network to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It's like a "mock" hack to see if a hacker could get in and cause damage. The goal is to identify any problems and fix them before a real hacker can take advantage. It's basically a way to check the security of an organization's network.

What is involved in a network penetration test?

In network penetration tests, several attempts are made to exploit security vulnerabilities with the ultimate goal of gaining access to data and systems. These exploit attempts include targeting patching deficiencies, authentication weaknesses, misconfigurations, and even users (via man-in-the-middle attacks). After an initial compromise, post-exploitation activities occur, which typically include privilege escalation, lateral movement, and enumeration of accessible resources to find sensitive data.

The most valuable network penetration test, ready at your convenience.

Let us show you how automation changes everything.

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We're a cybersecurity company that developed vPenTest, a SaaS platform that automates network penetration testing and delivers continuous testing at a fraction of the cost of an outsourced consultant. The future of offensive cybersecurity consulting services through automation starts here. Hello World, Meet Modern Security.

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