The most valuable penetration test, ready at your convenience.

  • Schedule Flexibility - Schedule a penetration test any time or day you need one.
  • Budget-friendly - More value at a fraction of the cost compared to any traditional penetration test. 
  • Turnaround Time - In a rush to have an assessment done? Get a full blown penetration test and report done within a few days without breaking the bank.
  • Communication - Monitor the progress of the assessment in real-time so there's no lack in communication.
  • Activity Logging - Every single activity performed by the pentest VM will be logged – everything.
  • Purple Team - Based on the real-time logs, customers will be able to correlate the logs and activities with their log management and alerting solutions.
  • Unpredictable - The pentest VM will use logic to determine its next course of action, so nothing will be 100% repeatable if the results are different.


Join hundreds of companies who are getting the most value out of their network penetration tests.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Prior to engaging with Vonahi, Insurwave had traditionally commissioned annual penetration tests to be performed on public-facing infrastructure and applications. Our mission was to move towards a more proactive testing model to provide better threat intelligence on our current risks and quicker turnaround on remediation activity. To achieve this with a traditional provider would have been costly, given that our last one-time penetration test cost us in the region of $12,000.

Vonahi provides an excellent service for our business requirements; they have enabled us to shift to a monthly testing model, which in turn allows us to spend more time enhancing our security controls in more critical areas. The Vonahi team maintains an exceptional standard of support to Insurwave and knowing that each of our penetration tests is manually quality reviewed by a security professional prior to release, provides us with an added peace of mind.

The platform itself is extremely simple to use and we can amend our IP allocations and schedules to suit our business requirements. The automation deployed in the platform is outstanding and being able to receive notifications during each assessment phase is a key advantage in enhancing our operational awareness.

As a business, partnering with Vonahi has allowed Insurwave to stay ahead of potential risks posed to our infrastructure and applications and we can now adopt a proactive approach to securing our organization."
"You don’t need to compromise on speed of execution and quality deliverables when working with Vonahi Security. We needed help with assessing our Internet-facing systems as well as a new web application for our customers prior to making it public and they delivered. Our team was very impressed with their responsiveness. The overall presentation and final deliverables were top notch."
"Vonahi Security had the level of expertise that our team could trust to help us protect our employee and member data. Their level of execution was unmatched compared to many other cybersecurity firms we’ve worked with in the past. Their penetration testing skills helped us ensure PCI DSS requirements and security best practices. We'd definitely recommend Vonahi Security to others."

Vonahi Security

We're a cybersecurity company that developed vPenTest, a SaaS platform that automates network penetration testing and delivers continuous testing at a fraction of the cost of an outsourced consultant. The future of offensive cybersecurity consulting services through automation starts here. Hello World, Meet Modern Security.

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