Who We Are

We are building the future of offensive cybersecurity consulting services through automation.

Founded in 2017, Vonahi Security is a cybersecurity consulting firm that was built to fulfill the high demands of quality information security services. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, our team of highly respected consultants have experience working with a significant number of organizations, industries, networks, and technologies. Over the course of the last decade, the need for cybersecurity experts to help secure organizations have increased tremendously, and we’ve been researching and studying right along the way.

Our consultants include a team of cybersecurity professionals that simply will not rest until your organization’s security posture is up to industry standards. 



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Embedded within the DNA of Vonahi Security is our relentless goal to pull customers from a vulnerable state when it comes to cybersecurity.
Alton Johnson
As a seasoned cybersecurity consultant, I've worked directly with CISOs at hundreds of small to Fortune 500 organizations to help accomplish their cybersecurity objectives and overcome challenges, including meeting compliance and security best practices. I've taken many of these discussions and technical experiences over the years and combined them into some of the best cybersecurity service offerings on the market.
Alton JohnsonFounder & Principal Security Consultant

A Word From the Founder

With so many cybersecurity consulting firms on the market, my goal at Vonahi Security is to ensure we’re able to stand out through the incomparable value we provide to our customers from our services. By implementing more efficiency, affordability, comprehensiveness, and automation where necessary, we’re able to maximize the value and quality that traditional security assessments lack and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We aspire to work with federal and commercial entities to resolve current and emerging cybersecurity challenges in an increasingly dynamic, insecure world. Since organizations face new significant threats on a daily basis, our mission is help you stay one step ahead of adversaries by continuously improving our services and solutions.
Alton Johnson
Founder & Principal Security Consultant


Our team is committed and involved in accomplishing your security goals through every step of the way. We promise you more value, speed, and convenience over our competitors.


Our high quality assessments are created to ensure that your organization understands its security threats from both an executive and technical perspective.

Our quality deliverables effectively communicate the risk your organization faces to cyber attacks, as well as where it stands in the realm of compliance and security best practices.


We are extremely committed to ensuring your organization meets compliance and security best practices. We don't just hand you a report and walk away. We follow up periodically to verify your remediation efforts. 

We are essentially a part of your team, and not just another cybersecurity consulting vendor.


Whether you’ve just completed an assessment or just simply need guidance with your security program, we can provide the assurance you need through a series of interviews, network testing, and architectural reviews.

You can rest assured that we’ll be right there with you, guiding you to a better security posture.



Customers should never be confused or out of the know. Communication is one of our biggest strengths. Our daily and/or weekly status reports will ensure your staff always know what's happening and what's next.


Our processes and methodologies are built to target efficiency, allowing us to maximize our time on each engagement and provide the most amount of value to our customers.


Each engagement starts off with an organized engagement schedule which includes expectations, contacts, and activities to allow for an easy workflow.

Research & Development

We have developed numerous tools and actively contribute to Metasploit and Kali Linux, two of the industry's most-used platforms.

Community Outreach

We participate in community outreach programs to educate individuals and the local communities on cybersecurity.


From small businesses to fortune 500 organizations, our consultants have professional experience in a multitude of physical and digital environments. We've experienced simple and complex technologies and infrastructures that give us a diverse mindset, allowing us to help your organization achieve security beyond compliance and best practices.



Vonahi Security embraces a thoughtful company culture consisting of consultants who enjoy ethical hacking, assisting organizations with improving their security posture against these hacks, as well as seeking out and fixing the next hottest security flaw in the industry. We believe that happy employees result in the best quality work and this is what Vonahi Security strives for. If you’re interested in working at Vonahi Security, We would absolutely love to discuss current and/or future opportunities with you!