Modern Cybersecurity

Automated Penetration Testing

vPenTest is our industry-leading, automated and full-scale penetration test platform that makes network penetration testing more scalable, accurate, faster, consistent, and not prone to human error. It's the combination of multiple consultants’ knowledge, methodologies, techniques, and commonly used tools into a single platform that consistently exceeds expectations of a penetration test. Get automated penetration testing, status reports and activity tracking—in real-time.

Managed Phishing

Vonahi Security’s vPhish platform helps you prioritize your training content and gain insight into what user(s)/department(s) need more training awareness. Measure user awareness effectiveness, track what matters, create custom phishing campaigns, and easily create a phishing website in one platform.

Adversary Simulation

Our Adversary Simulation services help your organization assess its risk from multiple perspectives. In addition to testing both the user and network environment, these services can also help you identify gaps within your internal procedures, such as the Incident Response team not properly monitoring areas or systems within the environment.

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