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Through our Network Security Assessment services, your organization can assess its technical security controls against malicious attackers from multiple perspectives — malicious attackers, disgruntled employees, curious employees, etc.

By performing penetration testing services against your network environment and comparing our activities with your monitoring and alerting controls, your organization can determine what areas need improvement.

While we're assessing your network, we keep track of what we're doing and when – that way, your staff can reference these logs when fine-tuning network security controls. Based on alerts generated and interviews with your team, we’ll provide strategic recommendations in our report to ensure your organization has a roadmap for improving its overall security posture.


Our consultants can perform a variety of network penetration testing assessments against your organization to identify security flaws that malicious attackers would target. Depending on the scope of the engagement, we can also perform post-exploitation techniques and demonstrate the potential impact of a successful breach stemming from a security flaw within your environment.

Some of our activities involved during a penetration test include:

  • Adversary Simulation
  • Access of Sensitive/Confidential Data
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Attacks
  • Zero-Day Discovery and Exploitation


Our Network Security Assessment includes a comprehensive analysis of your network environment(s). Our custom and detailed methodology aligns efficiently with The Penetration Testing Execution Standards (PTES), ensuring that our consultants perform a thorough assessment of your environment. We’ll thoroughly assess the security posture of your organization to ensure maximum protection against malicious attackers.

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Network Reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Exploitation
  • Post-Exploitation
  • Reporting


Our Wireless Network Assessment includes a comprehensive review of your wireless network implementation. We attempt to compromise your wireless through a variety of methods that attackers typically use. If we’re able to gain access, we’ll attempt to enumerate the environment for additional paths that may lead to sensitive and/or confidential data or systems.

  • Rogue Access Point Detection
  • Signal Bleed Detection
  • Analysis of Encryption Schemes
  • Evil Twin & Karma Attacks
  • Wireless Controller Review
  • Wireless Policy Review

Voice Over IP (VOIP) Testing

During our VOIP Assessments, we attempt to identify security flaws within your VOIP infrastructure. We perform a number of tests that ensure your organization’s employees and customers don’t expose sensitive information to attackers that may be performing eavesdropping attacks. We also assess the security of voicemail pins to ensure stored voicemails cannot be easily accessible.

  • Voicemail Hacking
  • VOIP Eavesdropping Attacks
  • Caller Spoofing
  • Toll Fraud Testing
  • User Extensions Enumeration
  • Denial of Service Testing

Point of Sale (POS) Testing

We can assess your point of sale (POS) systems for potential security weaknesses that could lead to the disclosure of sensitive information (i.e. credit card information). By executing our methodology, we can ensure that your POS devices are protected from eavesdropping attacks and that credit card information is appropriately managed, per Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

  • Alignment with PCI Standards
  • Analysis of CC Authorization
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Susceptibility to Eavesdropping Attacks
  • Assessment of Participating Systems
  • Vulnerability Analysis of POS System

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A penetration test can allow your organization to understand its security flaws from multiple perspectives. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from a penetration test.


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