The Network Penetration Testing Buyer’s Guide

Network penetration testing is the BEST way to evaluate security risks and helps you effectively close security gaps before the bad guys have the opportunity to exploit them. In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, finding the right solution or provider can significantly improve your security posture. This guide provides a comprehensive understanding of what it is, what to look out for, and ultimately help you become an informed buyer.



What Does This Guide Cover?

  • Introduction
  • Understanding network penetration testing
    • 8 types of penetration testing
  • The penetration testing process
  • The benefits of penetration testing for IT
    • What the differences are between pentesting & vulnerability scanning?
    • What are the most common types of network penetration test findings?
  • 5 Steps for assessing an organizations pentesting needs
  • Methods and strategies to evaluate network penetration testing solutions and providers
  • How Automation Changes the Game

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