Automated Network Penetration Testing

Made by Hackers, Loved by MSPs.

vPenTest is an easy to implement and inexpensive automated network penetration testing platform for MSPs to deploy, manage, and scale. Increase your margins and become a better service provider by helping your customers determine what needs to be fixed to prevent a costly security breach. 

What to Expect When You Book a Free Pentest:

  1. Our team will get your account registered on our platform.
  2. We'll walk you through how to schedule and deploy your first pentest.
  3. We'll show you how to track it and access the reports.
  4. Answer any questions you have about the platform.

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Benefits of vPenTest for MSPs

100% Remote & Fast

No delays. No learning curves. Just download a single agent, run vPenTest as often as you’d like, and see a detailed report within 48 hours after the assessment is complete.

Continuous & On-Demand

An internal or external network penetration test can be performed at any time and any frequency, allowing for more up-to-date discovery of threats and potential impact.

Flexible Pricing

Purchase a package of IP blocks and use them across as many customers as you want. They'll renew each month so you have the flexibility to use them on different customers.

Deploy, Click, and Go

Once the VM is deployed, all you have to do is schedule the assessment. We take care of the rest!

White Label Solution

Customize the platform and reports with your business logo and brand colors within minutes.


Adding a new customer takes less than 5 minutes and you can add as many as you need. No limits.

What Our MSP Partners Are Saying

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Meet vPenTest – the leading automated network penetration testing SaaS platform that streamlines the delivery of network pentesting, making it super easy for MSPs to offer SMB clients the ultimate protection. And for internal IT teams, it’s a cost effective and efficient way of evaluating cybersecurity risks in real-time. Say goodbye to manual network pentesting – the future is automated!
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