vPenTest Makes Network Pentesting Easy for IT Teams

vPenTest automates network penetration testing, helping IT teams proactively identify exploitable vulnerabilities. Our platform cuts costs (50% less than manual testing), boosts testing frequency (monthly vs. annually), and ensures compliance and cyber liability insurance requirements with detailed reports.


Network Penetration Testing Platform:
Affordable, Accurate, and On-Demand
Introducing vPenTest, a SaaS platform that fully replicates manual network penetration testing. Our platform combines the expertise, methods, and tools of traditional testing but without the hefty price tag and time commitment. vPenTest makes network penetration testing more affordable, accurateand faster without breaking the bank. 
   → Identify sensitive data
   → Perform exploits
   → Simulate man-in-the-middle attacks
   → Crack password hashes
   → Escalate privileges on the network
   → Impersonate users to find sensitive data 

Benefits of vPenTest 

Our SaaS platform allows you to schedule an internal or external network penetration test in under an hour!

On-Demand Scheduling

An internal or external network penetration test can be performed at any time and any frequency, allowing for more up-to-date discovery of threats and potential impact.

Meets Compliance

The entire solution aligns with the specific compliance needs of IT teams in regulated industries, including PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, and more.

Cost Savings

Using automation can save organizations 50% when compared to manual pentesting. It also helps you avoid costly breach incidents.

Enhanced Security

IT teams can proactively secure networks while minimizing the financial impact and protecting their organizations reputation.

Remote & Fast

No delays. No learning curves. Just download a single agent for internal pentests only, schedule a pentest, and see a detailed report within 2-5 business days after the assessment is complete.

Peace of Mind

Gain assurance and peace of mind by simulating real-world attacks on your own network and address exploitable vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers.

Flexible Pricing

Purchase a package of IP blocks and use them across as many customers as you want. They'll renew each month so you have the flexibility to use them on different customers.

White Label & Multi-Tenant

Customize the platform and reports with your business logo and brand colors within minutes. Add as many customers as you want.


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What Are Users Are Saying

See why we're a High Performer on G2 for Network Penetration Testing

Trust is earned, and vPenTest from Vonahi Security has proven its worth to the industry, proudly displaying our G2 badges. With numerous positive reviews and high ratings from real users on G2, our comprehensive network penetration testing solution has validated its effectiveness and reliability.

Network Pentesting FAQs

What is network penetration testing?

Network penetration testing is a security test where experts try to hack into an organization's computer network to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It's like a "mock" hack to see if a hacker could get in and cause damage. The goal is to identify any problems and fix them before a real hacker can take advantage. It's basically a way to check the security of an organization's network.

What is involved in a network penetration test?

In network penetration tests, several attempts are made to exploit security vulnerabilities with the ultimate goal of gaining access to data and systems. These exploit attempts include targeting patching deficiencies, authentication weaknesses, misconfigurations, and even users (via man-in-the-middle attacks). After an initial compromise, post-exploitation activities occur, which typically include privilege escalation, lateral movement, and enumeration of accessible resources to find sensitive data.

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Meet vPenTest – the leading automated network penetration testing SaaS platform that streamlines the delivery of network pentesting, making it super easy for MSPs to offer SMB clients the ultimate protection. And for internal IT teams, it’s a cost effective and efficient way of evaluating cybersecurity risks in real-time. Say goodbye to manual network pentesting – the future is automated!
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