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Insurwave Case Study

About Insurwave

Insurwave, a pioneering force in the insurance industry, offers a connected insurance experience for the specialty insurance market. Their platform enables insurance buyers to consolidate and visualize their risk data, facilitating smarter risk transfer decisions. By streamlining the collection, consolidation, and distribution of risk data, Insurwave enhances operational efficiency and fosters better decision-making across all parties involved in the insurance process.

Company: Insurwave
Industry: Insurance
Location: London. England
Established: 2017
Interviewed: Mike Macpherson, CISO
“Vonahi provides an excellent service for our business requirements; they have enabled us to shift to a monthly testing model, which in turn allows us to spend more time enhancing our security controls in more critical areas. The Vonahi team maintains an exceptional standard of support to Insurwave and knowing that each of our penetration tests is manually quality reviewed by a security professional prior to release provides us with added peace of mind.

The Challenge

Insurwave previously relied on annual penetration tests for their public-facing infrastructure and applications. This traditional model was not only reactive but also expensive, with the last one-time test costing around £10,000. Insurwave aimed to transition to a more proactive testing model to gain better threat intelligence and achieve quicker remediation.

The Solution

Vonahi offered Insurwave a monthly penetration testing model, aligning with their goal of proactive security management. This solution provided continuous threat intelligence and more efficient remediation processes without incurring the high costs associated with traditional providers.

Vonahi's platform enabled Insurwave to:

  • Conduct monthly penetration tests, enhancing their security posture.
  • Allocate and schedule IP addresses flexibly to meet dynamic business needs.
  • Receive real-time notifications during each assessment phase, improving operational awareness.


  • Cost Efficiency:
    • Transitioning from an annual to a monthly testing model reduced overall costs significantly while increasing the frequency and comprehensiveness of security assessments.
  • Enhanced Security:
    • Continuous testing allowed Insurwave to focus on critical areas, improving their overall security controls.
    • Each penetration test was manually reviewed by a security professional, ensuring high-quality results and providing peace of mind.
  • Operational Flexibility:
    • The user-friendly platform allowed Insurwave to adjust IP allocations and schedules easily, adapting to changing business requirements.
    • Automated processes streamlined operations, and real-time notifications kept the team informed throughout the assessment phases.

The Results

Partnering with Vonahi enabled Insurwave to adopt a proactive approach to security, staying ahead of potential risks and continuously improving their defenses. The move to a monthly testing model allowed Insurwave to enhance their threat intelligence and respond swiftly to vulnerabilities, significantly boosting their security posture.
“The platform itself is extremely simple to use, and we can amend our IP allocations and schedules to suit our business requirements. The automation deployed in the platform is outstanding, and being able to receive notifications during each assessment phase is a key advantage in enhancing our operational awareness. As a business, partnering with vPenTest has allowed Insurwave to stay ahead of potential risks posed to our infrastructure and applications, and we can now adopt a proactive approach to securing our organization.”

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