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Are You Prepared For a

Many organizations have technical controls in place to help aid against an attacker; however, a large number also lack ability to detect post-exploitation attacks. If an attacker bypasses your technical controls, do you have a mature security program that involves detecting and responding to such attacks?

A mature program consists of a sufficient plan – involving both technical controls and user awareness – to identify and respond to attacks that originate or escalate within the environment. If you’re not fully confident about the technical controls and procedures implemented, a breach simulation assessment can help you identify where those gaps are.

Vonahi Security offers a breach simulation service that simulates an attacker’s activities. We test your security program and processes to make sure that, should a real attacker compromise a system or a user opens malicious malware, your team has the ability to quickly identify, respond to, and remediate the threat.


During the breach simulation, our consultants will mimic the exact actions of an attacker. Since our goal is to assess your environment during the event of a real breach, we’ll ensure to perform targeted and stealthy attacks that would usually go noticed during a standard penetration test or vulnerability assessment.

Some of the activities conducted during our breach simulation include:

  • Simulate Attacker’s Hacking Techniques
  • Stealth Scanning
  • Attempt Data Exfiltration
  • Assess HIDS/NIDS
  • Contained Malware Installation
  • Establish and Accomplish Attack Goals

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Attackers don’t sleep, and it’s only a matter of time until they target a pre-existing or 0-day vulnerability within your environment. Learn more about how your organization can be prepared for such an attack.


Let us simulate an attacker on your environment and assess your detection and response procedures.