Education & Awareness

Educating Your Employees

Your Employees

Over the last few years, user awareness and education has proven to be a critical need for many organizations. Many of the largest data breaches occur due to the lack of user education and awareness. Although organizations can acquire expensive technology to help combat cybercriminals, the most vulnerable area in an organization’s entire network is always its employees.

At Vonahi Security, we provide training services that are unique and interesting to your employees. Rather than providing employees with simple content and multiple choice questions, we strive to make a difference by engaging your employees and making the courses enjoyable, which increases learning.
User Awareness Training

User Awareness Training

Train your employees to detect social engineering attacks, including phishing, portable hardware drops, pre-text calls, and more. 

Measure the effectiveness of your user awareness training by performing periodic testing to assess whether or not the training content is resonating with employees.

Let us assist you with our premium training services.